Most of the times I engage with my clients on a medium or long-term project base. There are some specific areas of engagement, “services” or “packages” which can be booked individually. Almost all services can be delivered in person or online in German, Spanish and English.

2030 SDGs Game

1/2 day to 1-day immersive experience to grasp how individual, group and global goals interlink and how sustainable development can be reached. A perfect tool to introduce or support actions in the area of sustainability and get familiar with the SDGs.

Targeted at: all organizations, staff 30+ people, leadership teams, departments

Sustainable Futures Intervention

1/2-day to 2-days collaborative design process to explore potential futures the entailed opportunities and challenges as well as strategies how to respond to them taking into account sustainable development aspects.

Targeted at: all organizations ready to develop sustainability action plans;

Sustainable thinking World Café

1/2-day collaboration and exchange format to ideate and explore potential areas of required action in relation to sustainability.

Targeted at: all organizations required to identify and address topics related to sustainability

Coaching and Consulting

Personal company of individuals or teams in the areas of

  • Personal development
  • Business development
  • Vision, purpose, goals
  • Team development
  • Strategy
  • Sustainability actions

Targeted at: business owners, leaders, (development) teams

Impact project management

Managing projects on on a short-, medium or long-term base. Contributing with experience in business development, society, education and environmental, research and implementation projects; private (Start-ups, foundations etc.) or publicly funded (EU-funds).

Targeted at: All organizations running impactful project requiring internationally experienced project manager and intercultural translator